Spotify UI built with HTML / CSS

Here is an interesting experiment about redesigning the Spotify UI with HTML, CSS and few lines of javascript. Coded by Adam Lowenthal.

Spotify UI built with HTML / CSS

Shazam button morphing effect

A simple tutorial by Codrops that shows you how to create a Shazam-like morphing button effect with few lines of HTML and CSS.

Shazam button morphing effect

Responsive css audio player

Responsive CSS audio player + jQuery, an incredible resource for web designers and developers. Codrops always provides hi-quality snippets.

Responsive CSS audio player

Audio player made of CSS and JS

Mini player is an awesome project by Javi PĂ©rez, a spanish web designer. What we want to show you is a simulation (not a snippet).

Mini audio player CSS simulation

Ui interface for audio players CSS

A great CSS only audio player UI! Streaming audio player animation using modern CSS animations, transforms etc.

CSS only audio player UI