PSD volume knobs

Kreativa Studio has created today’s freebie, beautifully realistic volume knobs. The free PSD includes one light and one dark version.

PSD volume knobs

Free PSD navigation knob

Today on dribbble we have found a really nice white navigation knob. Free PSD designed by Miguel Ángel Avila.

Free PSD navigation knob

PSD joystick knob controllers

Little dark joystick knob controllers with blue glowing lights. Free PSD designed by Sebastien Gabriel.

PSD joystick knob controllers

Free PSD metallic knobs

Some free PSD metallic knobs inspired to guitar amps. Two colours available, silver and gold. Designed by Sebastian Ortiz for 365psd.

Free PSD metallic knobs

Free PSD realistic metal knob

Free PSD realistic metal knob with a clean coloured filling bar. Very clean style. Designed by Pieter Goris.

Free PSD realistic metal knob

Free PSD dark UI kit

Free PSD dark UI kit containing several elements like knobs, equalizer, switches, buttons, etc. Designed by ShenQ.

Dark media UI kit PSD

Free PSD knobs

This free PSD contains vector layers for 3 different knobs and some switches in metal and plastic. Designed by despoth.

Knóbz – Free PSD knobs

Light UI controls free PSD

Free PSD light UI controls including a knob and some horizontal and vertical sliders with realistic shadows. Created by Dart 117.

Light UI controls free PSD

Smooth light UI kit free PSD

Free PSD smooth UI kit containing a knob, sliders, buttons, radio & checkboxes, toggles, search form and toggles. Designed by Roman Bulah.

Smooth UI kit PSD

Dark knob light leds PSD

Today on 365psd we have found a dark knob with glowing light leds PSD. A free PSD designed by Johan Geijer.

Dark knob with light leds PSD

Neon volume knob PSD

It’s futuristic, neon, and abstract. This super-realistic volume dial doesn’t pull any punches, and it’s cranked up to 100%. Free PSD!

Neon volume knob PSD

UI kit with shadows PSD

Stunning UI kit with realistic drop shadows. A PSD freebie designed by Piotr Kwiatkowski.

PSD UI kit with shadows

Black glowing knob PSD

A black knob with blue glowing lights. PSD freebies designed by Timur Bolychevtsev. Great resource for your UI project.

Black glowing knob PSD

Air conditioning knob PSD

A clean knob with fan/cold icons, we guess for air conditioning controllers. PSD freebie designed by Jack Lonergan.

Hot/cold knob PSD

Orange UI kit PSD

Orange UI Kit containing buttons, forms, sliders, a knob, an equalizer, rating stars, pagination, toggles, et cetera. Free PSD.

Orange UI Kit free PSD

UI kit free PSD

A free PSD simple UI kit containing knobs, an audio player, ON/OFF buttons and leds. Designed by Dominik van Treel.

Simple PSD UI kit

Circular menu free PSD

Beautiful circular menu free psd template. It has an elegant and modern navigation design that can be used on iPhone, iPad or Android apps.

Circular PSD Menu

Generic high-tech UI controls. Free PSD designed by Kyle Adams.

UI examples free PSD

Volcanic free UI kit

This is a lovely little UI Kit PSD. There are well over 50 elements, all nicely organised, styled and scalable.

Volcanic UI kit free PSD

Free PSD knob

Wheel is a free PSD knob which you can use in your application or in any project.

Free PSD wheel knob