Cabo Slab and Cabo Rounded are two font families designed by Bogdan Cașotă from Design a Lot using as a base the font Helvetica, and coming with basic English alphabet letters, accents and basic punctuation marks. We’re talking about two premium fonts, but Regular and Italic styles are free for personal use.

Cabo Slab: Regular + Italic font styles

Cabo Slab falls in the slab serif style, which is a combination between sans serif and serif fonts.
It works great with almost every type of design, from branding to packaging, advertising and marketing.

Cabo Slab preview 01 Cabo Slab preview 02 Cabo Slab preview 01

Download Cabo Slab   Cabo Slab full font family

Cabo Rounded: Regular + Italic font styles

Cabo Rounded is basically a sans serif font featured by rounded edges, ideal for headings and graphic design.

Cabo Rounded preview 01 Cabo Rounded preview 02 Cabo Rounded preview 03

Download Cabo Rounded   Cabo Rounded full font family