Free Fonts for Designers

A huge collection of 445 free fonts and typefaces for web, graphic and editorial projects. It includes serif, sans serif, script, grotesque, and more styles. Each font has been meticulously chosen to uphold a standard of high quality.

Besley*: Free Slab Serif Font

Besley* is a free slab-serif font designed by Owen Earl, and inspired by Clarendon, a popular font designed by Robert Besley. 


Orsay: A Free Creative Serif Font

Orsay is a free font created by the talented Parisian designer Hugo Nicaise, which offers a blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair.


Bueno: A Free Condensed Font

Bueno is a condensed font created by Rajesh Rajput. This typeface is characterized by irregular forms, giving it a unique character.


Ridtype: Sans Serif Modern Font

Rydtype Pro is a modern sans-serif font originally developed by Ridtype Foundry for their own brand and later made available to all users.