If you need a logo for your startup or for your new brand (but you’re a little short on ideas) maybe this article can help you! We have put together a list of the best logo templates that we have found on the web. They look pleasant and professional, and you will be able to create your identity online with very little effort.

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Professional logo templates

Let’s start with a collection of 15 professional logo designs. Minimal logos like these can suit a wide range of branding needs. They are available in PSD, AI and EPS file formats.


Clients minimal logos

Let’s continue with 25 minimal logo templates designed by Mats-Peter Forss. You can use this awesome set as a starting point for easily creating logos for your clients. Available in PSD and AI formats.


Vintage logo templates

Next one in the list is a set of 20 vector logos in AI and EPS formats. With a retro / vintage flavour, they are a good choice for shops like cafes or roasteries.


Collection of free logos for your brand

This is the logo set we like most (and not by chance it’s the main article image!): Camelia is a set of 15 beautiful logos designed by William Hansen. You can use them to give your brand an elegant and modern feel.


Floreal logos

If you want elegance, you might not ignore these 6 floral logotypes. They communicate preciousness and emit feminine vibrations. A perfect choice for exclusive products.


Minimal shape logos

Here are 6 vector shapes that you can use or adapt to create logos with a strong visual identity. They are for personal or commercial projects, and available as PNG, PSD and AI.


Logotype shapes

A free set of 15 logomarks in EPS format that you can use for inspiration. With just a bit of creativity you can edit and adapt them, so to create little artworks.


Coloured logomarks

Want more shapes? Here they are: 12 ready-to-use coloured marks  available as EPS. They might not be stunning as the ones above, but it’s a set that might come in handy in many different situations.

Hope you did enjoy logos, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you find more free resources to be added to the list!