jQuery Hero Slider

A full-width, responsive and easy to customise slideshow built with jQuery. A tutorial by Codyhouse.

jQuery Hero Slider

jQuery Tip Cards plugin

jQuery Tip Cards is a plugin for creating a card layout that let your user flip through it like you see on Google Tips. Created by Pete R..

jQuery Tip Cards plugin

Adaptive Background - JQuery plugin

Adaptive Background is a jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colours from images and applying it to its parent. Released by briangonzalez.

Adaptive Background – JQuery plugin

One page scroll - jQuery plugin

Here is an awesome jQuery plugin for creating an Apple-like one page scroller website (iPhone 5S website) with One Page Scroll plugin.

One page scroll – jQuery plugin

CSS + jQuery simple multi-item slider

Today we have found an awesome tutorial on Codrops. It is a CSS + jQuery simple multi-item slider for a minimal online store.

CSS + jQuery simple multi-item slider

Responsive css audio player

Responsive CSS audio player + jQuery, an incredible resource for web designers and developers. Codrops always provides hi-quality snippets.

Responsive CSS audio player

Vertical showcase slider CSS

A tutorial on how to create a responsive vertical fullscreen slider that moves its sections in opposite directions, using jQuery and CSS.

CSS jQuery vertical showcase slider