CSS + jQuery simple multi-item slider

Today we have found an awesome tutorial on Codrops. It is a CSS + jQuery simple multi-item slider for a minimal online store.

CSS + jQuery simple multi-item slider

Responsive css audio player

Responsive CSS audio player + jQuery, an incredible resource for web designers and developers. Codrops always provides hi-quality snippets.

Responsive CSS audio player

Simple drop-down effect CSS jQuery

Today codrops wants to share with you some simple drop-down list effects made up of CSS3 + jQuery. They’ll give appeal to your menus!

Drop-down effect CSS + jQuery

Custom dropdowns CSS

The point of this tutorial is to show how to create nice drop-downs without any image but with CSS only and some line of jQuery.

Custom CSS dropdown list

Vertical showcase slider CSS

A tutorial on how to create a responsive vertical fullscreen slider that moves its sections in opposite directions, using jQuery and CSS.

CSS jQuery vertical showcase slider