Today Blugraphic has released a new free psd: a fully layered cookies free psd web template for web designers to use and get inspired.

Download freebie

The first is the header part and it contains a wide full width menu with a logo and dropdowns. This header section also contains a full width image rotator or slider to feature some focused products for the website visitors. It also contains a caption and a sub caption to write something about the image of the slide, perhaps a price for the displayed product or anything of your choice. Navigation arrows are made in a plus style but are clearly understood by the user.

The second part of this cookies psd website is the biggest part ; it contains a full width cookies rotator where you can see the important choices of cookies available and have details about it once you click on one of them.

Another part in the body is the about us part, this is simply a little text about the company. There is also the ingredients part which is as i thought of changeable every 2 or three days and it simply tells the story of one of the ingredients that goes into the making of your cookies. It can be about the health benefits of those ingredient, how many calories they contain, from where do we get them and the quality of these ingredients.

There is also the special offer part and this help the admin out a products you have discounts on or any special offer the company is marketing. There is a price area, and a cute add to cart button.

Also there is the testimonials section where the clients can write short stories about their experience and love to your products or cookies. ” Donuts in this case “.

Finally before the traditional footer that have a sitemap and social media icons, there is a input text for subscribing to the company newsletter.