Freebies tagged: player

Spotify UI built with HTML / CSS

Here is an interesting experiment about redesigning the Spotify UI with HTML, CSS and few lines of javascript. Coded by Adam Lowenthal.


Music dashboard UI

Here is a music dashboard UI created with Adobe Photoshop. Free PSD designed and released by Jekin Gala.


Muzik UI PSD

Muzik UI is a music player user interface created with vector shapes. Free PSD designed and released by Dimple Bhavsar.


Music app concept PSD

A music app concept inspired by the iOS7 user interface look. Free PSD designed and released by Simeon K..


Play Music Player UI

Play Music Player is a user interface music player inspired to Saavn. Free PSD created by Dhiren Adesara.


Youtube video player PSD

Here is the Youtube video player created with Photoshop vector shapes. Free PSD designed by Barin Cristian.


Compact 3D music player

Here is a compact music player widget in a 3D style and with nice drop shadows. Free PSD designed by Barry Mccalvey.


Music history for iOS7

lingxizhumeng has imagined and designed the UI of a new exciting feature for iOS7 music player: the music history! Free PSD.