Mazer is a free admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5. This template offers a wide selection of pages and components, ranging from accordions to tooltips, meeting all the requirements for creating an admin dashboard. An interesting addition is the integration of charts using the ApexCharts library, along with the option to easily switch between light and dark layouts using a toggle switch.

But that’s not all! This project is supported by a dynamic open-source community, which provides numerous projects related to Mazer, including components and support for various technologies like React, Next.js, Nuxt, Laravel, Ruby, CodeIgniter, and much more. This means you can use Mazer for both personal and commercial purposes, with ample customization and integration possibilities.

The light layout

Light version

The dark layout

Dark version

If you’re looking for a complete and professional solution, we also recommend checking out this Tailwind admin template. It offers dozens of pages and is based on Tailwind CSS, with implementations available for HTML, Next.js, Vue, and Laravel. Both templates can be an excellent choice for your admin dashboard projects.

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