Miscellaneous Code Stuff

CSS-only weather app concept

A weather app concept based on Sergey Valiukh dribbble shot and built with pure CSS. A snippet created by David Khourshid.


12 free SVG loaders

A set of 12 loaders built purely in SVG, no CSS or JS. Created and released by Sam.


New subtle hover effects with CSS3

Some new creative and subtle hover effects using modern CSS techniques including 3D translate and pseudo elements. A collection by Codrops.


Tumblr-style cog loaders CSS

A set of Tumblr-style cog loaders created with pure CSS and SVG icons based on an icon set designed by Jiri Silha.


VSCO – CSS loader

A nice CSS loader inspired to VSCO made with few lines of HTML and CSS. Coded by Andreas Gillström.


8 CSS devices mockups

A set of device mockups made with pure CSS including iPhone, Android, Lumia and iPad. Coded and released by Oleg.